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Autumn, New academic year and a sudden burst of sun

I am pausing from work and worrying that it is not as hot and sunny as the last few days. I could get used to hot sun and lunch in the garden! It is the time of new starts and reorganisation for the coming academic year. I have been trying to set up a good work life balance this year, well I can always try. I am finishing work at five and then taking the dog for a walk. It is still warm and there is a great smell of autumn in the wood where I walk. I walk and I think and I talk to my mother. This is the time I know I can talk and not be interrupted. Creatively I am doing very little. I seem to be sorting stuff out and getting systems in place. This is my theory. If I start with a structure it will help the year go well and it will all be easier. Now my structure is telling me I have had my break and I need to move on and get back to work. No messing around if I am going to finish by 5!!



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