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Storytelling Or Story

I the last two months I have been an external examiner, standards verifier and visitor to art shows. Some for work some for pleasure and some as a parent. There have been great things everywhere, in a classroom in Newton Aycliffe to the degree show at Brighton University. I have been inspired and challenged and also just enjoyed the looking at creativity. A lot of the work tells a story. The story of creativity. How each person searches for an idea and how they are going to express that idea. At the end of my tour I think there are are many journeys taken but very few are creatively different, new, stepping beyond current ideas. And it is developing the artists and thinkers who can create new ideas that we need for the future. However we are so prescribed about the journey that must be taken and the fact that we make all young artists take this journey. What is missing is the being creative. And we need those people who are creative, not just as artists but as engineers and scientists. We need people who can take a step into the wide blue yonder with no visible means of support. Who take risks, who do things differently and perhaps whose project plan, research and evaluation is not as great as the final project. So at the end my conclusion is? That qualifications are a test, with rules and structure, that you have to obey to win. However, creativity is an annoying, challenging, illogical thing and testing does not create creativity only doing it, playing, experimenting, messing about and being different might create the new, the different and the future!



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