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New Knowledge 2

As I search for where or what the new knowledge that my research will discover, will be or is intended to be, I am again looking at my reading about composition. In his book, ‘Art and Visual Perception’, Arnheim describes cutting out a disc of dark card and placing it on a square of white card. Without measuring our eye will see when the dark disc is off centre. Arnheim describes every object as being seen in its own location, the object is not seen in isolation. As he says: in other words, every act of seeing is a visual judgement’. My research is about this ‘visual judgement’, and at what point our visual judgement becomes compositionally ‘correct’, in the eye of the creator. Therefore, I take from this that Arnheim believe we all have this visual judgement.

If we all have visual judgement do some of us have better visual judgement than others? Are those with better judgement the artists?


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